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How long will my new roof or roof repair take to complete once you have started?2023-11-27T14:45:01+00:00

This will depend on three factors; size of the roofing being replaced, the type of roof being removed and replaced, and permit inspections. Most residential roofing systems can be done in 2 working days with a break in between for in progress, dry in, and flashing inspections. We will discuss the specifics with you so you understand how long process should take.

How soon will you start my roofing project or roof repair?2023-11-27T13:20:40+00:00

Several things need to happen before a new roofing project can begin. When you have selected a type of roofing system to be installed, we will verify the lead time on the materials and start the permitting process. In most of our service area the permit can be obtained by us within a week. If your project is time sensitive, we can discuss materials that are readily available to speed up the start time. In most instances where the materials are available, we can start a re-roofing project as soon as we have the permit in hand.

What is the best roofing system for my needs?2023-11-27T13:10:46+00:00

While most types of Florida approved roofing systems will work for most projects in Florida, we conduct a detailed evaluation of your roof and speak with you about your desired look to determine the best system for you. Some of the characteristics important to your project include your proximity to brackish water, pitch of the roof, type of truss/rafter and decking system installed, tree/vegetation proximity and accessories and mechanical systems installed on the roof. With this information in hand, we can recommend the best systems for your needs and explain how your individual conditions will affect the life expectancy and materials warranty on your new roof.

What services do you offer?2023-11-27T12:56:51+00:00

As a fully licensed Building Contractor and Roofing Contractor we offer services including interior remodels, building new additions or new structures, re-roofing services, and everything in between big or small.

What types of roofing materials do you use?2023-11-22T17:39:50+00:00

We use only top quality materials available in Florida. There are many types of residential roofing systems available, and some are more durable in a given area than others are and many of the available upgrades carry better warranties and are more aesthetically pleasing. It’s important to discuss the pros and cons of the different types of roofing systems available in your area that best suit your needs.

Do you inspect the rest of my home’s exterior when estimating the roof?2023-11-22T17:14:40+00:00

Yes! A lot of woodwork at the edge of the roof, gutter line, and gable ends, can be correctly easily when the roofing system is being replaced. Many times, issues arise with the fascia boards, soffits, and rafter tails during a new roof installation that either are not addressed in the inspection or are discovered during the new roof replacement process resulting in a larger then expected final bill. Many of these issues can be identified during the inspection phase and allow you to better plan for the actual costs associated with the roof replacement project.

Does my roof repair or roof replacement require a permit and is the cost included?2023-11-22T16:37:01+00:00

Yes and Yes. With the exception of small roof repairs, usually under 100sf, a permit is required in Florida. We will first determine if the scope of the repair needed and if it exceeds the minor repair exception we will include the cost of the permitting in our quote.

What are the uncertainties of roof replacement and what additional costs might I face?2023-11-22T15:56:41+00:00

The only real uncertainties are the things that cannot be viewed until the roof stripped off. We will perform an extremely though inspection of the existing system and attempt to identify things like soft decking that may need to be replaced, high or low trusses, improper or inadequate attic ventilation, rotten fascia boards, damage to chimneys and flashing where the roof meets the wall. By preforming a detailed inspection will be able to take most of the uncertainty out of the process.

Can my roof be repaired or is replacement required?2023-11-22T17:48:07+00:00

Everyone’s needs are different and the factors surrounding the specific cause for concern varies widely. To determine if a roof can be repaired (almost all roofs can be repaired) it comes down to the cost associated with each option. In some cases, a repair is an economical decision and in other cases the cost may exceed the cost to replace the roofing system with a new roof. Most of the time it comes down to if the customer would rather spend 10% – 30% of the cost of a new roof to increase the useful life of the roof for 5 or 10 years or if they would rather apply the cost of repairs toward a new 30 year or lifetime system. We will present both options to you and explain the pros and cons of each so you may make an educated financial decision.

Are your quotes no obligation?2023-11-22T17:16:52+00:00

Of course they are! We will discuss your project with you to gain an understanding of your vision and usage, we will then be able to provide an estimated budget or a firm quote for your project depending on the complexity and unknowns of your project.

Are you fully insured?2023-11-22T16:38:30+00:00

Absolutely! We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded Roofing Contractor and Building Contractor. Rest assured we have the proper insurance to backup our work and protect you agains any mishap that may occur.


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