Roofing system maintenance and repairs are the most effective way of extending the life of your roofing system and saving you a lot of money from costly interior repairs and early roof replacements. There are many things that can cause damage to your property, but the roofing system is most difficult to inspect since its inaccessible to most homeowners. Whether the damage is related to wear and tear, storms, animals, or faulty installation we are experts in identifying it and correcting it. When these damages are not found and corrected, water may be able to enter the structure and cause significant damage. Most property owners wait until they can see the results of the roofing failure before calling a roofer and on average, they pay around 12 times more to resolve the issue. Our customers have us preform an annual inspection on their roofing system for damages. We prepare a report with photographs explaining any maintenance items preformed or suggested along with recommendations of future maintenance items. Our clients agree this is extremely helpful in the unlikely event they need to involve their property insurance carrier.

There is a trend in Florida and the Palm Coast area is no different. Insurance companies are requiring homeowners and business owners to have their roof inspected by a licensed roofing contractor to certify the condition and remaining life expectancy. We have extensive experience in this field and prioritize offering this valuable service. Our reports, essential for policy renewal or policy binding, are completed with an exceptionally fast turnaround time.  We handle every call as important and can have someone at your door within 24 hours in most cases.

Exterior maintenance and repairs are a very broad way of saying if it’s on the outside and is broken or about to break, we can fix it.  We offer a maintenance inspection program that is designed to identify current failures and items that are at risk of failure. Simply put its much more efficient and cost effective to re-caulk or re-flash a window now than to make expensive and extensive repairs a year from now.  This service also includes a report with photographs explaining any maintenance items preformed or suggested along with future recommendations of maintenance items. Our clients have found this extremely useful in tracking expenses and in the unfortunate situation of needing to file an insurance claim due to damages to the property.

Rainwater management is a fancy of saying taking the water from your roof and delivering it where you want it. When a gutter system is installed correctly the rainwater is directed away from the home where its far less likely to cause damaging issues to the home.

Without a correctly designed gutter system the roof decking and fascia boards are susceptible to water infiltration leading to rot and mold. The homes foundation is also at risk when rainwater from the roof is delivered to the sides of the home and run towards the walls leading to a host of issues better avoided.

We will be happy to consult with you on different styles of gutter systems, their purpose and suggest locations to provide a highly functional and budget friendly system you will be proud of.

When it comes to windows and doors you have a lot of options. Frame construction, glazing construction, thermal insulation, impact resistance and slab construction are just a few items that cause confusion.  While there are many window and door companies out there, we are not obligated to use a specific vendor or product to boost our bottom line. We will discuss your needs and explain all your available options and work within your budget and not engage in high pressure sales tactics to lock you into a contract that pays a 110% sales commission. We are also one of the few licensed and insured residential and building contractors that will install a door you purchased, as long as it meets code requirements.  Give us a call and we will schedule a time to meet with you and review your needs and in most cases, we can beat any written quote in terms of quality and price. Contact us today!

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are one of the most desired home improvement projects in the Palm Coast area today. Since we are not a franchise and don’t have a “gimmick” we are able to gain an understanding of your dreams and give you options that fit your budget. It’s a well-known trend in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry that most companies want you to double or triple your budget to get what you want. While we cannot work with an unreasonably low budget, we will make your dollars go farther by price shopping, building infrastructure items instead of buying prefabricated kits at a higher cost, allowing our customers to purchase their own fixtures, appliances and hardware saving you money, and many other creative methods to reduce cost and provide an excellent value to you. Let’s discuss your needs and how we can make your dreams come true!

Are you in need of a fresh look in your home or perhaps there are some cracks on your ceiling? We have the experience and skilled craftsmen to take care of all your interior repair and remodel needs. No matter if its vinyl or tile flooring, ceiling texture removal, or a brand-new kitchen. And before you ask, YES, we can remove that wall and give you a more open floor plan. Contact us for your free evaluation. We aim to impress you with our knowledge and customer service skills!

With home prices climbing in recent years and no signs of slowing, many people are adding extra space to their homes instead of selling and upsizing. This has become impractical for many of our customers. As a full-service building contractor, we handle everything from adding entertainment spaces like pool houses to extending the main structure for additional bedrooms or larger spaces.

Every house and property have unique conditions, code requirements, and designs. We are experts in determining what is possible and helping you achieve your goals within practical and legal limits. Through an interview process, we understand how you envision using the space and the quality of fit and finish you truly desire. We then discuss a budget and engage our architect to design the perfect space for you and your family.

Call us to schedule your free consultation. You won’t regret it!

Inevitably, many of our customers end up asking us about pool construction. We are familiar with the process and have incredible insight to help clients draw from these experiences and point them in the right direction with our advice. Although we are not a licensed pool contractor, we work with an established local pool builder that takes great pride in delivering the best custom pool for your residential and commercial properties.

This adds great value to our customers when they are considering other items with their new pool. Things like hardscapes, pool homes, screen enclosures, and patio covers. When all of these items are considered together, we can ensure the scheduling and structure locations are perfect saving you money and headache down the road. Helping you to avoid costly mistakes is our goal. There is nothing more frustrating than having to relocate pool plumbing lines or to have to redesign a footer around the pool deck so a screen enclosure can be installed down the road.

Even if you’re not ready to complete every project on your backyard wish list we can ensure the projects you are ready to complete are designed and executed in such a way that future projects go smoothly and cost less!

It’s not enough to say that the modern world is built on concrete, its literally the reason we can build stable structures but when it fails it can range from an inconvenience to disastrous. As walk through any hardware store shows, concrete comes in many different types with each having a specific set of properties and applications. Whether you’re in need of a driveway extension or repair, foundation repairs, sidewalks, or decorative / protective features such as epoxy coatings or stamped concrete we can guide you through the process. We understand what each application requires and how to repair and restore old, damaged, or just ugly concrete.

Give us a call to discuss your specific issues and requirements and we will work together to develop a strategy to satisfy all your needs while saving you money!

We offer a host of valuable services to Property Managers and Owners who are managing their own rental assets.  From basic maintenance to full remodeling services between tenants, we can remove the headache from the management process.

A few of our most popular services:

  • Basic maintenance and service calls when a tenant reports an issue.
  • Guided or unguided walkthrough services of the property on a six month or annual schedule: Many of our satisfied clients love for us to walk through the occupied property with them to identify issues, track damages, and prepare estimated repair costs reports. It’s been reported to us that this process also makes the tenant feel more comfortable about having preventative maintenance preformed during the lease term because they have a relationship with the repair contractor.
  • Exterior maintenance inspections: This allows the property manager and owner to be aware of issues on the home that WILL lead to larger issues in time if neglected. This inspection includes inspecting all exterior walls and penetrations or caulking and flashing failure as well as other issues that will lead to future problems. The roof is also inspected allowing maintenance issues to be addressed.  We constantly find issues, such as rotted wall framing, that could have been avoided with proper maintenance. It’s a no-brainer, $75 charge to re-caulk a window or $3,500 2 years later to rebuild the wall (and re-caulk the window). A full condition report is provided for your records that includes a list of repairs completed and recommended future repairs.
  • Rehabilitation of properties between tenants: This is especially an especially useful service when paired with our guided walkthrough service as it allows the property manager and owner advanced knowledge of what damages will need to be repaired and have all cost estimates and timelines in place in advance of the moveout date. This saves our customers significant time leading to units being re-leased much faster.
  • Remodeling and restoration services: A perfect option if the property is dated or, as we see day in and day out, you desire to lease the unit for top dollar. We can help you design a plan to make changes that will lead to greater income by discussing everything from the flooring to the floor plan, and yes, we can add and remove walls.

Give us a call to discuss any other needs you may have, and we will work to develop the perfect program for you.